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5 Interesting Business Ideas to Start from Home

5 Interesting Business Ideas to Start from Home

Are you tired of your 9-5 job? Do you hate your boss? Then it is time for you to quit your regular mundane job that drains your happiness and energy.

Business from home is a thriving space that a lot of people are exploring in the year 2020. Who can resist if the things that you enjoy doing can help you earn more than what a regular job offers

All that you would need to start a high-paying business at home is a good internet connection. There are a lot of career options that offer incomparable benefits in the comfort of your homes. So if you are somebody who has to take care of the house then starting a business at home is the right choice for you.

We have put together a list of 5 amazing low-investment jobs that you could start right away from home to experience financial independence:

Instagram Influencer:


The mobile photo-sharing app is no more used just as a social media handle but is being explored as a platform for businesses to market their products. The only criteria for you to become an Instagram influencer is for you to have a lot of followers on the app. Your follower base will attract brands to come forward and collaborate with you in order to promote their products and services.

With the evolving trends, you need to be updated with all the recent trends and current news in order to stay relevant. And that’s not all, the pictures that you post and the posts that you share should do all the talking about you and your values.

Selling Homemade products:

Consumers have now become more conscious about the products that they purchase. They are not only concerned about the kind of ingredients that go into the products they use but are also curious on the brand’s values.

This has paved the way for a lot of budding entrepreneurs to try their hands at creating exclusive homemade products that are eco-friendly.

There is a recent rise in demand for products that are produced without the use of any chemicals. People are going gaga over anything and everything that is homemade. From cakes, jams, soaps, plants, vegetables to even cleaning solutions, people are opting for products from smaller indigenous brands that sell natural, organic & preservative-free products.

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Monetize your love for pets:

If you are a pet lover and if you know to take good care of them then you have a secure job in hand. From pet-sitting, dog walking to dog boarding there are a lot of options for you to explore based on your preference. Because there are a lot of pet lovers out there who are ready to spend money to ensure that their pets are at safe hands in their absence you can explore offering your service to the lovely pets in your neighborhood.

You can let pet-shop owners and veterinarians know about the services that you offer so that they can refer you to people who enquire about such services.

 Freelance writing:

Every brand that exists is in desperate need of content writers. There are different forms of writing that you can explore if you are good at grammar and punctuation. There has always been a huge demand and will always be for freelance writers who can help brands with content for blog posts, magazine articles, website copy, and so on. Identify people who are looking for content writers and explore new opportunities so that you never run out of business.

You might not earn much while you are just starting off. But gradually as you gain some experience you can earn more than what a full-time job offers.

Personalized and customized gifting:


Gifting is a very lucrative business. There are too many occasions to gift and people get overwhelmed in the process of choosing the perfect gift for the special person in their lives. Gifts are all the more special to both the giver and receiver if those are personalized and customized. Hence they depend on experts to ensure that only the best gift is chosen on their behalf.

All that you would have to do is to offer an extra hand in understanding their needs and coming up with a unique and special gift that can spread the warmth of love. From mugs, pillows, photo frames to greeting cards you can lend your service by making the occasion extra personal. People who stay away from the people that they love lookout for such services pro-actively.

However gratifying your full-time job may be, it cannot replace the joy of working in your night suit at your convenient and sweet time.

The whole world is just a click away owing to all the technological advancements. However it has both pros and cons, so be prepared to embrace it.


  • The work time is so flexible that it allows you to have a good work life balance
  • You can take care of all your family members who need your attention at most of the times
  • Does not require much investment


  • Once your business gradually develops you might have to hire some extra space or people to help you run the business smoothly
  • You may end up using all your home space for your business which will not be accepted or appreciated by your family members

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